It’s Time Wake Up! "We The People", Literally, Hold the Whole World in Our Hands

I am usually an unapologetic optimist. My friends and colleagues generally describe me as hopeful, petering on Pollyannaish, however, given the state of our world, I feel compelled to speak-up and speak-out with a sense of urgency!
We are facing an existential threat and we must act now to save the planet and ourselves! We The People must wake-up and recognize that the man-made climate crisis, has become a climate emergency!The severe environmental crisis is rooted in the dysfunctional social and cultural crisis, which has been exacerbated over the last three years, and is fueling the acceleration of greed, fear, hate and conflict around our world. Most importantly, the spiritual and moral crisis catalyzed by many of the leaders of countries around the world, is deeply dividing us and causing us to self-destruct.
I hear so many people feeling hopeless and helpless. Many people believe that our leaders today do not represent the majority of us, so we can’t control the chaos and conflicts…
Elizabeth, thank you for your beautiful, inspiring and critically important "Song for the Amazon". Please continue to use your gift to help heal our planet, (and our hearts)💕
Elizabeth is a 22 year old singer-songwriter standing up for the Greater Good, let us all do our part to save our world!
#ClimateCrisis  #ClimateEmergency  #EarthsCall
Please listen to her inspiring song:
"Song for the Amazon" By Elizabeth La

Michele Hunt Author, DreamMakers: Leading for the Greater Good

Earth's Call Fund - New Website #ClimateCrisis, #ClimateEmergency

The newly launched Earth's Call Fund has a new website.

As a proud member of the board of Directors, I invite you to visit the sight and learn about the Fund and our priorities. Here is a glimpse:

"Earth's Call Fund is a new 501(c)3 organization dedicated to finding and funding innovative solutions to the climate crisis". 

Our Purpose is: "In partnership and collaboration, we rapidly deploy capital to solutions targeting the climate crisis' most complex and immediate challenges".

"Earth's Call Fund seeks to rapidly deploy capital to innovators targeting climate’s most complex and immediate challenges. We passionately support these efforts through collaborations and partnerships, and have pledged $50 million to promote solutions". 

Learn more at:

Let's all answer Mother Earth's Call to help heal the planet and to transform our society to a place where ALL people and the planet have the opportunity to fl…

Earth's Call Fund Newsletter #ClimateStrike, #ClimateCrisis, #EarthsCall

Dear Friends,

You have heard me talk about the Earth's Call, a climate crisis fund and movement which I am proud to serve on the board of directors. We launched the Earth's Call Fund in Aspen in May.  Our goal is to provide "Rapid, targeted grants to front-line, high-potential #climate solution creators"

Check out our first Earth's Call Newsletter

We are announcing: our 1st!! grant which will support the Youth-Led #ClimateAction - the amazing Future Coalition for #StrikeWithUsSeptember 20 #ClimateStrike

We are also announcing our new Board of Directors and our search for a new Executive Director. If you are concerned about the #ClimateCrisisstay informed with our  click this link and then click SUBSCRIBE  to our in top left: link: New Earth's Call Fund - 1st Grant Goes to Youth-Led #ClimateAction

With Appreciation,

Author, DreamMakers Innovating for the Greater Good

The Science of Conscious Business - Video Discussion #climatecrises

Well said! We need a wholistic approach to save our planet and we need all sectors and all people of our society to do their part.
I invite you to view this video conversation from the Conscious Business World Summit, hosted by the Humanity Team Worldwide that took placeearlier this year. We discuss and explore the convergence of spirituality, evolutionary science and biomimicry on the "Conscious Business" movement. We explore theoretical aspects as well as concrete examples of the rapidly growing number of businesses that are discovering and embracing this enlightened business model, best described as - "Business as a Powerful Force for Good".

Here is the link to the video: The Science of Conscious Business Discussion
I believe this video helps us to understand how we might address the climate crisis with the whole system in mind, including our urgent need for a spiritual, cultural and economic transformation”. We must address the crises on all levels, including the…