My Father, A Black Man's Love Letter to America - "I Am An American"

Today is my father's birthday. I invite you to listen to his rendition of “I Am An American”; especially in these divisive times.

My father, a Black man, served his country for nearly 30 years in the US Air Force. His mission was to help bring racial harmony to the members of the US military stationed on bases around the world. I watched him use music and the arts to miraculously transform whole communities from chaos an conflict into beauty, joy and love. He continued to lift people spirits and help them to discover the Divinity within them until the day he died. He was, (and is in spirit), a messenger of love.

As my daughter Nicole Hunt Levey puts it, "My Grandfather, Theodore Hunt Sr. loved his country, even when she didn't seem to love him back. This is his love letter..." I hope you are inspired!

I miss him dearly but I know he is flourishing in heaven:❤️

Greyston, a visionary company that exemplifies "Innovating for the Greater Good"

Greyston  is an exemplary company, they are the winner of the 2018 Flourish Prize for the Sustainable Development Goal  #17, Partnership for the Goals, presented by Aim2Flourish, Business as an Agent of World Benefit, at the Weatherhead School of Business. They are also the company that makes millions of brownies for Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream.

This amazing, compassionate company has created "Open Hiring", a social innovation that is embedded in the business model of a for-profit company. Greyston's CEO Mike Baker proudly says "We don't hire people to make brownies, we make brownies to hire people". If you want a job, and are willing to work they will hire you regardless of your past. They are proving that having the courage to trust and have high expectations of people is a winning formula.

This is another example that it really is possible to "Do Well by Doing Good".  I call visionary companies like Greyston, "DreamMakers Innovating f…

March for Our Lives - Young People Around the World are the Greatest Generation of All Time!

THIS IS A GAME CHANGER! Young people in the US (and around the world) are the “endpoint of evolution”! They have the intellect, the energy and the will to lead the way out of the mess we, the older generation, have made, colluded in, and tolerated. We need these young people to lead with their fresh eyes, clean hearts and beautiful, inclusive worldview - They are the future that is trying break through to be born!

We will all flourish when young people lead us into a brand new world!

May we work together to create a world where ALL people and the planet can flourish!
With Love and Appreciation,

Interview with Michele Hunt on Positive Education

World Positive Education Accelerator, 2nd Festival of Positive Education and Appreciative Inquiry Summit, June 25 - 28, 2018, at the Dallas, Texas Convention Center. If you are passionate about students learning in positive environments where health and wellbeing are nurtured, join us at the World Positive Education Accelerator, 2nd Festival of Positive Education.

I am honored to be on the Positive Education Steering Committee because I believe education requires a wholistic approach that helps students develop a positive self esteem, emotional health, love of self and others and appreciation for life, (see video).

Join the World Positive Education Movement! 

International Women's Day - A New Day for Women and Girls!

Happy International Women's Day❤️
Women and girls are leading our world into an era where all people have the right to be respected, the possibility to live in peace and the opportunity to prosper!

Click on this powerful this video!

With Love and Appreciation,

Michele Hunt
Author of:
DreamMakers: Innovating for the Greater Good

DreamMakers: Innovating for the Greater Good, (The New Definition of Success), Peter Senge Says:

"It is the great irony of our day, in a world where more and more people know that the future will look very different from the past, the most visible stories of the present seem more and more driven by desperate, fear-driven efforts to return to the past. In a time when it is easy to set aside hope as naïve, Michele Hunt reminds us that all change starts with protecting that small spark of possibility and then takes us on a tour of amazing fire Protectors".
                                              Peter Senge, MIT, Author of The Fifth Discipline 

These days we are bombarded by stories about conflict, chaos, hate, greed and cynicism, so I decided to shine a light on stories about hope. In my new book, I share eleven beautiful stories about people who are making their hopes and dreams come by Innovating for the Greater Good. I call these people DreamMakers!

The people in this book are redefining the meaning of success. They are challenging the prevailing ego-driven paradigm…